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Kenya Youth Hostels Association (KYHA)

Thank you for visiting our online pages, we value you for taking your time. If you would like more information regarding our hostels, safari tours, volunteers work placement and other services ,feel free to explore this site we hope that you will find the information you are looking for

Where to go, Where to stay, When to go & What to do in Kenya!

Welcome to the online pages of Kenya Youth Hostels Association that supports hostelling, budget accommodation, volunteering and adventure travel in Kenya. On this site you will find useful information on youth hostels, trips, tours, safaris, safari camps and budget accommodation places in Kenya. 

YHA Kenya Travel staff team have great experience in organising and planning budget travel activities in Kenya it extends beyond your expectations our safari vans are reliable well maintained to make your journey to the wilderness fun, comfortable and most important memorable all your life. Most tourists who have had a taste of our adventure safaris will testify the joy of being served by us.

The high degree of discipline and professionalism as displayed by our able staff has earned us credit. Youth hostels are for everyone, They provide low cost budget accommodation and are traveller friendly accommodations in private and shared rooms for individuals, couples or groups of any age and size if you plan for your exciting adventure travel activities, tour packages to various game parks and game reserves in Kenya or hiking, climbing, trekking, volunteering or engaged in other travel activities, you will get the most of our safari deals in Kenya.

Be sure of experiencing our great budget accommodation facilities and a warm friendly welcome.

Who We Are

Kenya Youth Hostels Association Is a Non Profit Membership organization, organized as a community service with a proud history and a relevant philosophy. It promotes youth travel and hostelling in Kenya. YHA provides an opportunity for young Kenyans to travel cheaply in Kenya and abroad, because the membership card of international hostelling is valid worldwide. So if you have this card, you are accepted in all of those eighty countries and all of those youth hostels without any differences. We would like to see more Kenyan people travel around and use the infrastructure, because all countries are very well covered by youth hostels.

Our main task is to promote youth travel and tourism as something which is not only for people who have a lot of money but for budget travellers. We are here to help people to travel on a lean budget more cheaply, easily, quickly, safely and to find people of their age around recreate, adventure and possibly volunteer.

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 Our Objective.

The Association aims at developing a chain of budget accommodation in youth hostels and camping sites for use by its members, creating networks and affiliation with other hostel owners, collaborating with external hostels and camps, investing in creating youth budget accommodation facilities such as safari campsites, recruiting more members and enabling its members to be part of the global village so as to enjoy tourist attractions, intercultural experiential living, sharing information, volunteering and expanding personal horizons in life. The Association therefore promotes personal growth, welfare and domestic as well as international youth tourism.

 Our Vision

The guiding dream of the International Youth Hostel Federation is to open the world to the youth. This vision emphasizes care and desire to enable young people to experience the world, its people, plants, animals, culture and to learn, recreate and enjoy life. The Kenya Youth Hostels Association is thus mandated to provide budget accommodation in youth hostels and camping sites, which are cheap, clean, good value, good quality accommodation for budget travel and travel activities.

Our Mission

The Association promotes the appreciation, love and care of the countryside, wildlife, people, landscape and the general environment and provides for sensitization through adventure travel, recreation, pursuit of knowledge and exchange of ideas among members as they engage in volunteering activities and hostellers with limited means and resources. The Association undertakes to serve all youth and members of all races, colour, creed, political opinions and cultural background.

                               YHA Kenya Travel

               “Travel The Friendly Way For A Restful Retreat!”

We are proud to be Kenya’s best travel specialist with extensive knowledge and passion for the country in Adventure Travel, Activity Holidays, Budget Travel, Group Incentives & Volunteer Travel.

YHA Kenya Travel work in Partnership with African home adventure safaris engaged are specialists in wildlife safaris, adventure travel activities, best budget accommodation, best pricing, group travel, family adventure travel, volunteer travel and current travel specials.

We can help just about anyone in planning their dream adventure holiday in Kenya and the neighbouring countries.

We are very proud of the depth of knowledge our travel specialists have obtained over the years.

We are happy to have you speak with one of our staff travel advisor to help you make the right choice for your safari package on your adventure vacations.


Looking for Youth Hostels in Kenya?

Nairobi too metropolitan for you?
We have hostels across Kenya

Promote travel in Kenya through KYHA
network of hostels and campsites
countrywide for use by its members,
travelers, and students as well as
independent backpackers of all age
groups from all over the world.
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Volunteer in Kenya Make real impact in Global Goodness!

We are committed to facilitating travel that yields clear and measurable positive results and believe you should be among the team too. Read More>>>>>

Our volunteer team comprises of people with broad experience living, working and travelling in various parts of Kenya serving people.

We raise and invest in local staff and volunteer support groups whenever possible, and our beautiful team is made up of people who have passion and enthusiastic in whatever they do.

Kvcdp is gearing up for our volunteering and internship programs and we are looking for volunteers.

We have lots of exciting new volunteering and internship opportunities all year round below are a list of opportunities. Work with children, Sponsor a Child in Kenya! ,   HIV/AIDS Program Medical/Health Program ,  Teaching in local schools, Youth Programs,  Environmental conservationVolunTravel in KenyaVolunteer Start Dates

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please contact us.



Learn Basic Kiswahili!
Hela Ngapi?
YHAK Directory

NameMt Kenya 5

Travel deals for you? Mount Kenya Herritage Mountain


Wildbeest Miggration in Mara RiverEnchoro 8

Wildbeests Miggration Crossing Mara River.



Responsible Travel & Volunteer Opportunities for you?


See Kenya

 See Kenya!
To understand Kenya, you have to see it on a slim budget
Kenya is a land of many contrasts.
Rolling hills, expansive savannahs, beautiful beaches,
even snow!
there is never a dull
moment in Kenya.
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Best Mount Kenya Adventure Activity Trips

·         4 Days Sirimon Route

·         4 Days Chogoria- Sirimon or Naromoru

·         5 Days Sirimon – Chogoria

·         5 Days Sirimon – Naromoru

·         6 Days Chogoria –Naromoru

·         6 Days Sirimon – Chogoria

·         7 Days Sirimon - Naromoru


Slide Photos for Enchoro Wildlife Camp Masai Mara

 Special Offer


Budget Accommodation,Adventure Activities & Travel Packages

A budget accommodation for independent travellers and safari  Goers. A clean, comfortable ,safe and friendly  place to enjoy  the outdoor life in stylish tented safari camp  accommodation in Masai Mara.

Tips, News and advise on hostels & budget travel


Small Group Safari Packages

Travel with a small group of 6 to 18 and benefit from discounted prices and guaranteed fixed departure.

Group travel with family and friends will certainly offer long lasting memories and strengthen bonds that already exist. We've brought hundreds of families and groups together over the years, so don't burden yourself with trying to work out all of the details. We're here to do that for you! We will coordinate everything from start to finish.

Choose from any of these links

3 Days Masai Mara Safari Only

3 Days 2 Nights Amboseli Only

4 Days 3 Nights Masai Mara & Nakuru only

4 Days 3 Nights Masai Mara only

New Looks for Enchoro Wildlife Camp

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